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Welcome to Cottage Alpaca Creations, LLC

Wools from Huacaya & Suri alpacas as well as from heritage breeds of sheep from a Spinner's flock.

Our Alpaca herd have legendary heritage bloodlines that hail from the South American countries of: Bolivia, Peru, & Chile. Each of the countries bred characteristics in to their prized Alpacas.

We also have heritage sheep breeds. We feature CVM / Romeldales, whose fine wool rivals the famous Merino, of which their long ago ancestors were bred from. They come in white, colored, & patterned. CVM / Romeldales are often considered an ideal sheep for the small farm as they have great wool, tasty meat, & thrive in all sorts of weather. They are resistant to disease and are fairly low maintenance.

We also have a few English Leicester Longwools who are quite rare. They hale from England, and George Washington Eng. Leicester rams in his herd. There colors come in white & black and are medium to large sheep, weighing 180–250 pounds. The fleece is heavy, weighing 11-20 lbs., curly, soft handling, and lustrous with a spiral tipped staple and up to 8-9 inches.

Our primary focus is healthy animals raised with a natural approach.
Many breeders in the alpaca industry breed for solid white or black colored fleeces. This is in response to commercial mills' demand for cookie cutter fleece bales, destined for mass production processing. As an accomplished spinner and fiber artist, my target customers Cottage Industry breeders, fiber farms & fiber artists that appreciate high quality patterned & colored fleeces.

Certainly, I have solid light and dark colored alpacas, but I also have pintos, roans, leopard & harlequin gray appaloosas.